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The Studio


 Always fresh.  Always sweet.

I have a camera; you have a newborn.  I want to take cute pictures; you want to have cute pictures on your wall.  It is a win-win.  

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The Sweetest Sugar

I strongly recommend that you schedule your newborn session within the first ten days.  This is the best time for those favorite newborn poses.  Baby is sweet and sleepy, cute and curly, and doesn’t mind all the attention.  They are used to being in the womb, so they don’t mind being swaddled, or curled up in a basket, etc.   I can do older newborns, but it becomes more difficult and you may not get the exact poses that you want.  The baby is more alert and wants to stretch those limbs and may no longer be comfortable curled up into small spaces.

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

The home studio is kept warm for baby, so please dress lightly.  I recommend bringing your nursing cover and/or extra formula because a well-fed baby is a happy baby.  You may also want to bring a pacifier, even if you don’t agree with them.  A pacifier can be a great help to keep baby happy as we are moving between poses.

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A Personal Recipe?

I have plenty of props, blankets, hats, etc.  However, you are welcome to bring any items from home, a favorite hobby or profession (an upside-down helmet or a big pair of boots makes an adorable prop for baby).  Don’t be afraid to embrace your creative side.  Additional family members are welcome to take part in the shoot with advanced notice.  Parents should bring black shirts for artistic shots as well as a change of clothing because accidents do happen–it is a newborn after all!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

A newborn photo shoot usually means a naked baby, and a naked baby usually means some accidents.  Don’t worry; I have seen it all!  I’ve been pooped on, peed on, puked on.  Nothing scares me.  Whatever can’t be washed can be easily replaced.

Preparation is Key

​Please check out the INGREDIENTS page for more information about my style as well as some Helpful Hints on how have a successful photo shoot.